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The journey is the story behind Blocks to Bricks.

Learn the mission behind Blocks to Bricks and the background of designer and founder Adam Reed Tucker from childhood through today.


Trees are the givers of life in countless ways.

Creating the oxygen we breathe, the fruit and nuts we eat, and a construction medium that has proven to be one of the most useful and versatile building materials of all time. Basic wooden huts evolved to small buildings and eventually to true artistic marvels in the hands of skilled craftsmen. As the log cabin evolved, so too did the children’s toys of yesteryear, bringing us some of the most time tested and loved building toy sets of all time. Come see sets utilizing wood as the main material from companies such as J.L. Wright, Inc. / Lincoln Logs, Halsam Products Co., Playskool and Tinkertoy.


Stone…the rock on which we stand.

From the dawn of time, this element has been used to shelter us. From the age when man first sought refuge from the elements in caves, to the enormous castles of the middle ages, to the timeless statues and works of art of the Renaissance, stone has been the building block of both necessity…and creation. Come see sets utilizing stone as the main material from companies such as Anchor Stone (Anker-Steinbaukasten).


Explore vintage and current paper construction items!

The first uses of paper were for the written word and art, but there have been many uses for paper that go beyond graphite, ink or paint. As paper became more available it became a source for creative play.


Once humans learned to combine elemental metals to create alloys, the sky was the literal limit.

Steel beams and iron bolts combined to create buildings that reached to the heavens. In 1911, magician Alfred Carlton Gilbert was inspired to create Erector. Though not the first metal construction toy, it certainly was the most popular and ever since, children and professionals alike have been using this medium to realize their vision and inspire the architects of tomorrow. Come see sets utilizing metal as the main material from companies such as A.C. Gilbert / Erector and Meccano.


Developed in the later part of the 19th century, plastics revolutionized many industries across the world.

With the ability to be poured into molds and take and retain its shape when hardened and its relative cheap cost, plastic found a home in the toy industry where large quantities of an item could be produced in a short amount of time. Interlocking construction bricks weren’t the only plastic construction toys in the early years. These original designs helped pave the way for the ever evolving and inventive sets of today. Come see sets utilizing plastic as the main material from companies such as LEGO, Fischertechnik, Kenner Products, K’NEX and Schaper Toy.


Did you know LEGO wasn’t the first interlocking brick company?

Innovators and designers have been building for years. Discover the origins of interlocking bricks, the materials used to create throughout the years and how the industry started and has grown to the popularity of today. View sets from early brands including Kiddicraft, Minibrix and more.


How did LEGO start?

Remember the favorite sets you grew up with? Rediscover them here and see where it all started for the brand.


See how models are created and the materials and machinery that are behind the designs around you every day.


Some things are better seen in a different light.

Explore the unique displays that come to life here!


Do you know how many different interlocking brick companies there are?

The difference between compatible and copycat bricks? Learn about Mega Bloks, Cobi, and others.


What will you find in The Vault?

The office of Adam Reed Tucker at Blocks to Bricks is available for special tours! Book one today!